Xiaomi unveils its latest Virtual Reality headset, the Mi VR


Xiaomi held an event earlier today where it unveiled two new smartphones, including the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, but the company didn’t stop there. Xiaomi also announced the latest Virtual Reality headset, the Mi VR.


Back in August, Xiaomi unveiled the company’s first VR headset, but that wasn’t enough for the company. Now the Xiaomi Mi VR will be replacing the Mi VR Play, but there are a few differences. Other than moving away from the “purse” design of the VR Play, Xiaomi is limiting the number of devices that are supported by the Mi VR.

The headset also features a new 9-axis inertial motion controller, a built-in motion controller, and a new motion sensor. The new motion sensor improves upon latency by offering just 16ms latency. 

The Mi VR will only include support for the new Mi Note 2, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, and the Mi 5. Available starting today, the Mi VR is priced at RMB 199 (~29) and can run all of the various apps and videos that are included in MIUI VR.

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