OnePlus may be working on a slightly improved model of the OnePlus 3


We thought OnePlus would be focusing on just one model per year for the foreseeable future, but apparently, that’s not the plan. A OnePlus designer posted to Weibo about the upcoming device. No details were given, but it’s been suggested that the device may be named OnePlus 3T.

As its name implies, the device may not be a radical departure from the core OnePlus 3 experience. It’s likely to retain the OnePlus 3’s solid design and features while potentially sporting slightly upgraded internals. One of the traits to look out for may be a Snapdragon 821 chipset as opposed to the Snapdragon 820 found in the original.

OnePlus 3 DSC00481

We’re not sure why OnePlus would feel the need to refresh the OnePlus 3. It’s already a quality device and for its price tag, there’s not much more that can be asked for. It’s possible the company is releasing a limited edition version of the device intended for few markets. Or it could just be that they want another device to throw onto their online storefront.

But without more information, we just can’t know. Let’s just hope OnePlus has a good reason to siphon their resources off into this project instead of putting their full weight behind their next big device.

[via PhoneRadar]

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