Amtrak bans the Galaxy Note 7 even though you were already supposed to return it


Hey, in case you didn’t know, the Galaxy Note 7 is bad. Like, it can burst into flames, and catch fire, and emit some nasty looking smoke. It’s been recalled twice, banned on any flights, and now you can’t even take it on the train with you.

After the two recalls, and Samsung halting production of the device, Amtrak has come out to state that the device is not permitted on trains, buses, in stations, or on train platforms. It’s not surprising that Amtrak is taking this route, but what is surprising is how long it took the company to make the announcement.

Regardless, if you still are holding onto your Note 7 because “nothing’s wrong with it”, stop it. Just call Samsung or your local carrier location and get that bad boy exchanged immediately. It’s not cool to take a chance on a device that is so hazardous, regardless of all the different features that are included with it.



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