Samsung is reportedly failing to compensate Galaxy Note 7 users who suffered home damage


When it rains, it drowns the streets so mercilessly that even a full-sized carrier boat can pass through. For Samsung, their Galaxy Note 7 issues are far from over.

New reports are swinging in that the company is failing to properly compensate Galaxy Note 7 users who have reported that their phone caused damages to their houses. The Guardian points out three cases where people have either been partially compensated or completely denied by Samsung.

In 2 of the 3 cases, it’s said Samsung was only ever interested in retrieving the affected phones for their investigation. One of those people said the company initially offered to put him and his family up in a hotel while Samsung took care of his damaged house — it was the same man whose garage caught fire that we reported on earlier — but the company reportedly backed down on that. Samsung supposedly went completely dark on another customer after the customer decided to give his damaged phone to the CPSC instead of Samsung.


The Galaxy Note 7 can cause serious damage.

The third case was of a family who was told that Samsung would recompensate them for damaged items in their home. In this case, Samsung did actually cough up some cash, but not enough to cover the full extent of the damages as Samsung only covered the depreciated cost of the items.

It’s hard to confirm the validity of the reports right now without word from Samsung or corroborated information, but we sincerely hope that it isn’t true. It’s bad enough that the incidents happened in the first place, but Samsung would throw away all the goodwill they have left if they’re stiffing folks behind the scenes.

The company was initially praised for their openness and transparency about this crisis, but if they’re acting differently outside the scrutiny of the public eye then it will have all been for naught. We’re reaching out to Samsung to see if we can learn more.

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