Oct 17th, 2016

Halloween costumes are cool and haunted houses are always fun, but if you want to turn the dial up on the spookiness factor for your Halloween antics this year, then this one should take the cake. Sam’s Club is having a nice sale on a ghost drone.


Yes, I said ghost drone. It’s a drone, and there’s a ghost dude attached to it. Fly this thing around the park or your neighborhood and at least 1 person is bound to have a slight jolt of the heart. We wouldn’t even be surprised if it garnered the attention of local authorities. It’s a hell of a lot better than dressing up like a clown and furthering angst about the creepiness being reported around the United States, at least.

Anyway, that drone is going for $175 at Sam’s Club (you’ll need to be a member), down from its usual $250. Out of the box comes a fully functional drone to fly that a GoPro camera can be mounted to (but it also has a camera of its own if you just need something to play around with). It also comes with that creepy ghost unit that can be attached to scare the little ones running around for candy during trick-or-treating. To put that price into perspective, this same drone alone costs $250 at Amazon without the ghost extra.

Of course, if you already have a drone capable of lifting a few pounds then you can just buy a hanging ghost doll of your own and attach it to your drone using some fishing line. Just be sure to fly safely when you’re doing this to make sure no one gets hurt. Check out the video above to get a preview of what it might look like when your spooky creation takes off later this month. Sold? Good. Now go scare some kids!

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