Samsung will give you $100 if you exchange your Note 7 for another Galaxy phone



In case you haven’t heard, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled for a second (and last) time. Samsung is throwing in the towel and moving on. Everyone who has a Note 7 (original or replacement) is being urged to return the device. You can return the device to pretty much any carrier and stores like Best Buy. Samsung is also accepting returns and making the deal sweet if you’re loyal.

If you return your Note 7 to Samsung for a different Samsung phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, they will give you a $100 credit. If you switch to a non-Samsung device you only get a $25 credit. They are rewarding loyalty. Obviously, Samsung is in damage control mode right now. They want to keep as many customers as possible.

Getting a refund might be the best option for most people. The Note 7 was a very expensive phone, and alternatives like the S7 Edge have been out for a while. You could end up with a new phone and some extra pocket change. What are you doing with your Galaxy Note 7?

[via Samsung]

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