Oct 10th, 2016


Samsung isn’t having a very good time right now. The company has halted production on its Galaxy Note 7 line after reports that replacement devices are erupting into flames. Consumer confidence could take a big hit if Samsung doesn’t handle this properly, so the South Korean company is likely eager to move on to its next big flagship.

A couple of trademarks filed in South Korea for a ‘LightUp Camera‘ and ‘Light+ Camera‘ have appeared online and were first spotted by GalaxyClub.nl. The trademark description for these cameras seem to hint that it’s a dual camera setup with one camera specifically designed to let in more light during low-light conditions.

Camera sensor for use in enhancing the brightness and clearness of digital images and photographs taken in low-light environments‘ and software for ‘digital cameras, smart phones and tablet computers.

Recent rumors have surfaced on the internet suggesting that the Galaxy S8 could have a dual camera setup, which fits seamlessly into these trademark filings. That specific rumor suggested the Galaxy S8 would feature both a 12-megapixel and 13-megapixel camera on the rear of the device.

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