Google spent $3.2 million on TV ads for its Pixel phones


Google unveiled its duo of Pixel phones last week and already the company is out of the gate with a huge marketing budget for TV ads. The company has already spent $3.2 million on TV ads in two days, but ad executives expect Google and partner Verizon to spend hundreds of millions more.

Google hasn’t openly discussed how much it will spend on advertising the Pixel, but Vice President of Product Management Mario Queiroz recently told Reuters that the Pixel would have a very significant marketing campaign and that the tech giant may be buying ads during Thanksgiving football games. Those are some of the priciest ads in the business, going for upwards of $1 million dollars for 30 seconds of air time.

Google isn’t the only company going all-in on the Pixel series, though. Carrier partner Verizon is also planning on investing a significant amount into advertising the new phones on TV, digital marketing, and social media. Verizon’s campaign won’t kick off until the phone officially launches on October 20th, but it will last through the holiday season, according to Verizon’s vice president of device marketing.

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