Google has started delivering burritos via its Project Wing drones


Last month there was a report that Google was partnering with Chipotle to test its Project Wing division by delivering burritos to students at the campus of Virginia Tech. Now it seems that project has taken flight as Bloomberg is back and reporting on some first-hand experiences of the project.

Project Wing is starting to deliver its first burritos to students on an invitation basis but does not allow for any pictures or videos to be taken. This series of tests is in its infancy but Google plans to use the data collected from this testing to provide results to the FAA so that we can get even closer to the removal of delivery drivers and rely on delivery drones.

Each student that was selected had to pay a $5.99 delivery fee to experience the “dawn of unmanned Tex-Mex food delivery”. Once the order was placed, the drone would take off from a Chipotle truck that was hidden from sight and the students were moved to a “holding area”. This holding area is a few feet away from the 15-foot landing area which was designated for the drones to deliver the sacred burritos. Once the package was delivered, a guide brings them the finished product ready for some extra enjoyment.

Unfortunately, since Google is trying to keep this project as quiet as possible, there were no images from the first test session, but we can hope to see some in the future. Project Wing is still very early in its testing but this definitely seems to be a successful step forward in Google’s plans to begin delivering items via drones.



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