Oct 7th, 2016


Prisma launched earlier this summer and it brought us a new way to process photos with striking filters that turn everyday photos into works of art. The secret behind Prisma is an artificial intelligence algorithm that essentially redraws the picture from scratch in a variety of different styles, including very famous artwork. The only drawback to the new app is that it requires an internet connection thanks to the algorithm running on Prisma’s servers.

That changes today, as an update is headed to the app that will give it the ability to process images in offline mode. There are a few catches right now, though. Only 60% of the styles are currently available in offline mode. The rest are supposed to be added by the end of the month. When this update goes live, you’ll only need to be connected to the internet in order to download new styles.

Because the algorithm is so CPU-intensive, this update does mean it could take a few seconds to process the conversion. Co-founder of Prisma Aram Airapetyan says the new offline mode takes about two seconds to process on a Galaxy S7 compared to about five seconds on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

Download Prisma from Google Play

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