Oct 6th, 2016


Hiding your phones’ root status from Android on an app-by-app basis has become hugely popular, thanks to Pokemon Go enthusiasts and ROM lovers who want to keep access to Android Pay. That may be coming to an end though, as users on the XDA Developers forums are reporting an update in Google’s SafetyNet API that makes apps like SuHide and AutoMagisk no longer work.

The report comes from the Suhide thread, where one user reports that last night the SafetyNet API was updated and now root status can no longer be hidden. Users on the forum are reporting these methods of hiding root no longer work, as SafetyNet now seems capable of detecting systemless root.

Other widespread reports of SafetyNet no longer being fooled by these tools have surfaced on the Pokemon Go Dev subreddit, too.

Can’t log in anymore. Using a OnePlus 2 with CM13 + SuperSU + suhide + Xposed.
Edit: Now getting a “Response payload validation failed” in SafetyNet Helper!

Pokemon Go players and Android Pay users have been going back and forth with SafetyNet since it was introduced with Android Pay. Pokemon Go players want the ability to spoof their location so they can play the game without leaving their home, while Android Pay users just want to be able to use the service on their phone while having root access to use services like Xposed.

Either way, Google has the upper hand here, until Chainfire and other devs find another work around.

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