Alphabet and Chipotle may be delivering your burritos to you via drones


If you’re like me and wish Chipotle delivered, your wishes may be coming true. Not only will you get your burritos delivered to you, but they will arrive via drones.

drone car landing

A new report from Bloomberg explains that Alphabet Inc. and Chipotle are partnering up to test out the Project Wing division by delivering burritos to dorms at Virginia Tech. Beginning this month, the two companies will begin their partnership as a way to discover more information as to what this whole drone delivery process entails.

The drones will be flown via automation with real pilots standing by in case of an emergency and if the drones happen to ignore the FAA rules. The rules state that drones can not fly over people currently, which makes this endeavor even more of an experiment.

Additionally, the FAA will be using the results from this testing to develop new rules regarding drone deliveries. Here’s to hoping that everything turns out well so that we can start seeing drone deliveries in more places than just Virginia.

I mean, who doesn’t want their burrito delivered without having to wait in the terrible lines at Chipotle?



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