T-Mobile begins phasing out its JUMP! On Demand option


Unveiled in June of 2015, T-Mobile introduced its JUMP! On Demand option to allow customers to upgrade up to 3 times a year. In response to customers complaining about not being able to upgrade more than once every two years, T-Mobile introduced this as part of their “Uncarrier” plans to be more appealing to customers.

The representative at the store said that T-Mobile was no longer offering JUMP! On Demand for new lines, meaning the only option left to me would be the older JUMP! plan, which limits you to phone upgrades after paying off half of the price of your phone. 

However, it seems that T-Mobile has started to phase out this option after a writer for PhoneArena was unable to select the option while trying to set up a new account. After being denied from signing up for On Demand at the store, the writer was forced to contact T-Mobile support and was informed that the “Uncarrier” is indeed phasing out this option.

New customers looking to sign up for T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand will be unable to do so, but if you had already signed up for the service then you will be grandfathered into it. For those who can’t sign up for On Demand can still sign up for the regular JUMP! upgrade plan which allows you to upgrade your device after 50% of the device has been paid off.

There has yet to be any official comment from T-Mobile, but it’s pretty apparent that things are changing for Big Magenta yet again. Let us know what you think about these changes in the comments below.



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