T-Mobile’s JUMP! On-Demand lets you upgrade up to 3 times per year


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Upgrading once every 2 years wasn’t enough. For some, upgrading yearly isn’t quite enough. And apparently once every 6 months has become a bit too restrictive, as well.

So now T-Mobile’s going a step further. The company has introduced JUMP On-Demand, the first in their string of announcements of improvements for existing Un-Carrier features.

JUMP On-Demand’s big benefit is that customers can upgrade up to 3 times per year, and there are no restrictions on when those upgrades occur. That means you don’t have to wait a minimum of six months, which is great for those who just have to get their hands on every big smartphone that launches in a year.

There are some other key things to keep in mind, too. For starters, the program no longer requires a $10 monthly fee, though this does mean you’ll no longer get insurance for your phone. You can add that insurance back for a lower fee (about $8 monthly) if you so choose.

John Legere

It’s also worth noting the phone is technically being leased to you and you don’t actually own it unless you pay for the device in full, though this was largely the same way it worked before. Here’s how T-Mobile explains it:

With Jump! On Demand, you make payments on your phone for 18 months. After 18 months, you can simply turn in your phone with nothing more to pay, or upgrade to your next new phone and start a new plan, or make a final payment and keep your phone.

If you keep your phone and make the final payment, the total of your payments will equal the retail price of the phone. In addition, customers can pay off their JUMP! On Demand plan at any time by paying the remaining payments in advance, and keep their phone without penalty.

Sounds good to us. JUMP On-Demand begins June 28th, so there won’t be much of a wait if you’re eager to take advantage. T-Mobile says this is just the first of many “AMPED” announcements that will bring us improvements to all their existing Un-Carrier moves, so stay tuned!

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  1. So what is the cost of the lease per month?

    1. 15/Month in the video. Plus the 8 dollars for insurance if you want it. I think that was an iphone trade in scenario.

    2. I’m guessing that will depend on the phone you buy. For example, an S6 with 32 GB should cost less than an edge S6 with 128 GB.

    3. Total cost of the phone divided by 18, since it’s an 18 month lease.

      1. That wouldn’t be a lease. That would be an installment plan.

        It actually says that after the lease you turn it in , upgrade, or buy it out which means its not 1/18 of the total price. More likely it’s 1/24 of the MSRP and the buyout is equal to 6 payments.

        1. Sounds like a lease to me. Doesn’t the same thing happen at the end of car lease? Turn it in or have the option to keep it?

    4. Nothing beats T-Mobile or Mr. John Legere.

  2. Might be a good way to get a new Nexus each year.

    1. If it’s eligible, definitely

      1. Dreams crush for now. No N6 at launch.

    2. And a Galaxy S, and and HTC One, and an LG G-whatever.

      1. And a Sony Z whatever… Mr. Chavez lol

  3. T-Mobile is really changing the game one step at a time

  4. For tards who have nothing better to do that upgrade every 4 months. Better off paying off phone entirely in 4 months, then sell it right away used. 4 months old on a used flagship still sells for top dollar, would pry be cheaper than just “leasing” phone and having nothing to show for it. Further, tmobile service sucks ass in Denver.

    1. I get fast 4G all over Denver metro. I’m happy with the coverage. Just sayin’.

      1. Right, no coverage issues ever? Half the times I call my buds on tmobile I get “all ckts are busy, try again later”. Even when they are at their house with “wifi calling enabled”. Its crap and years behind Verizon.

        1. I have never heard “all circuits are busy” and I’ve had T-Mobile for now than 8 years.

          1. I sometimes get that here in Detroit, it’s rare but it happens

        2. Why don’t you just turn off wifi calling.

    2. I don’t know. I used to resell all my old phones but lately it’s become a chore. Craigslist just isn’t what it used to be. I don’t normally stick with a phone for more than a few months, so leasing sounds like a pretty interesting (and convenient) prospect.

      1. Well, you have to know that you are not typical. First of all, your work on this site means you pretty much have to at least give phones a real world try.

    3. Not sure why this makes anyone a tard, but the point is you have the option to get a new phone when you want, not obligated to. 3 times a year basically means you can get any new flagship on your own schedule, and since you don’t have to pay the whole phone, it’s not a big deal to just switch. The leasing business is just contractual talk.

    4. Lol no it doesn’t. I live in Denver/Aurora and have zero problems.

    5. That could be a lot of things. Denver is a big(ish) major city. It’s entirely plausible that that there are signal penetration issues, hell maybe even capacity issues if something major is going on. Heck, to this day, depending on who’s in town playing the Mets at Citi Field, let’s say Mets/Yankees, you get endless capacity issues. We’re talking an open air stadium in the middle of north Flushing 20 minutes from midtown Manhattan in the 2nd most densely populated borough of the largest city in the US. I can assure you, T-mobile works well in NYC – generally. T-mobile is far from perfect, and definitely not ideal for a lot of folks. I would suggest that if you’re having constant issues with calling that you disable WiFi when indoors. Make sure that you haven’t been recycling SIM cards from phone to phone, make sure that the phone itself hasn’t been knocked around to the point where the radios aren’t working properly, and that you’re not always using it in areas like basements or otherwise thickly settled areas.

  5. For some reason I’ve never been able to understand the concept of these programs. What benefit is there? I always could buy a phone anytime I wanted so why do they make it seem like they are giving me a deal by offering this? It’s not like the prices are subsidized. Is the whole point that you can make monthly payments?

    1. Really the only advantage comes ones the payment period ends. With a subsidized/contract phone, your plan price remains the same, so you’re still paying for the subsidized phone after it’s theoretically been paid off. With the “no contract” plans, if you choose the payments and keep the phone for more than two years, your bill goes down.

    2. It’s for people that don’t have any concept of saving money. Tmobile is picking up the initial bill, then breaking it up into monthly payments for you; at not interest. Unless I am understanding it wrong.

      1. Or people that are financially savvy and take the no interest loan from tmo and invest the money not paid up front.

    3. How I look at it is, people who don’t have the money upfront (and with good credit) can get the phone they want and can change pretty much whenever they please. My gf has done it several times and the latest time she got the 6 plus for 50 dollars (price of the tax is all she had to pay) and pays 85 dollars a month. Me personally I have cricket and buy my phones outright and resell em

    4. Yeah, I don’t see much difference from paying the ETF to get out of a contract either.

  6. Who ever is giving this guy his coke needs a pat on the back

  7. Now if only there was another phone on the market I cared about upgrading to…

  8. There are catches with this. Specifically, you have to turn in (i.e. give) T-Mobile an eligible device to start this program, and it sounds like that’s the case even if you are on their current Jump program.

  9. I couldn’t watch after the first 25 seconds. “Verizon with their bull—t upgrades.” I was laughing so hard, I woke up the dog next door.

  10. rofl…. i am on my third year,maybe more with my Galaxy S3. I guess I’m not the target audience

    1. Obviously.

    2. Nothing wrong with using what works for you, if the phone does all you need and want, why upgrade? Currently using a nexus 5 it basically does all I need right now, waiting to see what the opo2 , new nexus,and note 5 are like before I enter new smartphone land. Hopefully it isn’t as exclusive as Cartmanland.

    3. That phone is going to be getting pretty tight on space. Its eventually going to turn off and never turn on again you realize ?

  11. Holy mother of pearl!!!!! I have a tingling sensation in my pants!!! Moto 2015? GN5? Nexus 15′?? OMG. All the phones!!! All the phones!!!!

    Wait! So you have to make 18 payments before you can trade-in the phone?

    1. No. Just trade in the “old” one.

      1. Whhaaaaaaat!!!!!!

    2. No, when you trade in, T-Mobile eats the monthly payments and you start over with the new device.

  12. That’s a cool story. Sorry you still only get 50mb of roaming data that they steal even if you have roaming turned off on the phone. If you are firmly in a coverage area it’s no big deal but as soon as you hit a highway your smart phone becomes a plain old phone very quickly.

    1. Good thing I don’t have that problem : )

  13. OK..so I Bought My Xperia Z3 @$630 and paying $26 per month. Can I trade mines in for another Xperia Z3 at the new $500 price @ $20 per month??

  14. Unlocked phones FTW. I like they are doing this, but it’s kind of late in the game. Most flagship phones are really good for at least a year. Next iterations of flagships aren’t as improved as they were when Android 1st began.

    1. True, but now people can try several a year. For example, M9/G4/Note 5? Or whatever combo you can dream up. Not limited any more.

  15. Time to call up AT&T and threaten to leave unless they reduce my monthly plan

    1. Let me know the out come so I can do the same

    2. Haha, come to the pink side, they have upgrades. (。⌒∇⌒)。

      1. I travel a decent bit, sometimes to Bumblefuck, Wherever — the lack of consistent nationwide coverage scares me. AT&T has decent to great coverage everywhere I go. I am starting to get more torn though. I could’ve used the free international texting/3g data on my 2+ week to trip to europe last month.

    3. I agree

    4. LoL!!

  16. So if I currently have JUMP, I should probably call to get my insurance lowered to $8?

    1. i was wondering the same thing, i have a G3 that i payed off already and i don’t really see a need to upgrade probably until some time next year. Why am I paying a few dollars extra for a service i don’t plan on using? I also plan on keeping my G3 as a backup when i do decide to finally upgrade.

      1. So duh , dont get it. Jump is for those that want to upgrade twice a year or more. If you dont need it , dont get it. Its quite simple.

    2. No, I think that’s the catch, actually.. Insurance for the M8 is $12. I’m assuming if I get that my insurance will go up by $2.

    3. Call them, dont listen to others. I dont see why you couldnt get that done. Im going to be calling myself as well.

  17. Looking at these plans I really get jealous about upgrading more often, yet I am not sure if I would switch from my 12$ plan, where everything is unlimited (including LTE)

  18. John Legere is Amp’d as well apparently lol.

  19. How many times can he say bullshit? Is that amp’d?!!! Extreme!!!
    That being said, I like the new plan, go T-Mobile :)

    1. I think he only said it twice actually. Love how he looks excited to slam these other companies. Love this guy !

  20. Nothing beats T-Mobile period

  21. First of all. I’ve loved TMobile’s service here in Los Angeles. Much better than Verizon and AT&T which I had before. Their calls sound great and my 4G LTE has been much faster than Verizon. I switched to TMobile after I bought my OnePlus One. I am their target demographic because I love a phone in the beginning and then hate it after about 6 months and want the new greatest thing. The OPO was great until CyanagenMods released the Android 5.0 version and then it just got buggy. Plus I was getting unhappy with my night pictures. I just did the Jump plan and got a brand new leather LG G4 for $0 down, no tax and $24.99 a month. I now have the newest smartphone available and by far the best camera ever on a phone. It’s incredible. Plus I am keeping my OnePlus One as a backup phone because I can swap SIM cards between the 2 easily. Win Win for me!!

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