Google is finally trying to fix their confusing blog strategy with Blog.Google


You folks may not have been subjected to the torture that Google has put thousands, maybe millions, of people through over the years: their blog strategy. It’s shielded from you because we go digging for the news to bring it straight to your inboxes and notification trays but in reality, it’s a really frustrating endeavour to find out what Google’s up to.

This is because the company’s public communication spans a ton of different avenues. News from Google, whether that’s about products and apps, or just updates on their research projects and efforts, get littered throughout 19 different blogs.

This is not to mention that they often only announce stuff across multiple accounts on multiple social networks, and some of those announcements come from Googlers’ personal pages. And we’re still not even taking into account newsworthy changes to their services that are only communicated on their support documents, like when new countries support Google Play Music or new banks and credit cards are added to Android Pay.


So, you see, it’s been a nightmare for us. And Google is finally looking to change all of that. They’ve launched Blog.Google to streamline all their communication. We’re not sure if the blog will take those odd social media announcements they love to make often, but it should at least pull their 19 blogs into one space. And we’re still probably going to have to dig through support pages for much of the news.


Going through the blog in the early going, it’s apparent that not even Google was completely ready for the transition yet. Many of their latest posts redirected to the old blogs, though there’s enough new stuff on the Blog.Google site to let us know that they will be making significant announcements there. And when I refreshed the page, a lot of the redirects were gone and replaced by native entries.

So, yay! It’ll be easier to find new stuff from Google for both you and I. Google has separated their content into 2 categories:

  • Product News: Android, Chrome, Maps, VR, whatever. This is where you’ll find news about all the new stuff Google wants you to play with.
  • Topics: Deeper discussion on research projects like AI and health, culture and arts, and the like.

Be sure to stop by their new place to take it all in for yourself!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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