Samsung criticized for not offering Note 7 replacement options in China


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You might be sick of hearing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall situation, but the story keeps going on. A couple of weeks ago, the president of Samsung USA issued a video apology. It was a nice gesture, but it was only directed at customers in the US. Customers in other parts of the world didn’t get the same attention. At least one country isn’t happy about it.

Chinese state TV (CCTV) slammed Samsung for being “full of arrogance.” They accused Samsung of “discrimination” against Chinese consumers by not offering the same replacement and compensation options. In China, Samsung only issued a statement saying most phones didn’t need to be replaced. CCTV says the inaction has caused “discontent from Chinese consumers.”

The reason why Samsung didn’t make a big deal about the situation in China is not discrimination. Most Galaxy Note 7s in China have batteries from a different supplier. Devices with these batteries are not included in the global recall. Samsung eventually apologized for a “lack of explanation,” but the fact is most devices in China are perfectly fine.

[via Reuters]

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