New setting allows defective Galaxy Note 7 devices charge to 80%



After the recall on the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung announced an update for devices that would do one of two things. For devices not affected by the recall, the battery indicator turns green. Those affected by the recall have a new toggle switch in the settings that limits the amount of charge the device can hold.

The software update is rolling out now and SamMobile spotted the new setting. The setting is called ‘Limit maximum charge to 60%’ and it can be turned on or off. However, there’s a disclaimer right below the switch that says even if you choose not to enable the toggle, your device will only get 80% of its capacity in a charge.

Plenty of recalcitrant Galaxy Note 7 owners have taken to the internet to express their grievances with how Samsung is handling this recall. Some say they won’t return their devices because Samsung doesn’t have replacements immediately available and carriers aren’t offering loaner phones.

Now that the software update is rolling out that shows devices are limited in their charging capacity even if the setting isn’t toggled, you really have no reason not to return your Galaxy Note 7. Have you experienced any problems getting your device replaced? Carriers being janky? Let us know in the comments.

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