Sep 20th, 2016

Google today announced a quick change to Google Maps that’ll make sure you know whether you’re facing west or southwest. The little blue dot that shows your current position will now have a cone emanating from it.


Why not a simple arrow? The cone can expand or shrink to give you a precise idea of how accurate the current reading is. The wider the cone, the more inaccurate.

And with that, Google’s also giving us a ridiculously easy tool to recalibrate your phone on the spot to show more accurate positioning. Simply perform a few figure 8 motions with your phone in your hand, as demonstrated in the GIF here:


It looks ridiculous, but if it results in more accurate map readings then we certainly don’t mind doing the jitterbug in public to get our phones back on the right track. Lookout for the upgrade to hit your phone through Google Play.

[via Google]

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