Apr 5th, 2016

Twitter just made themselves a big boy deal. Bloomberg reports the social media company locked itself into one of the NFL’s infamous bidding wars for rights to stream Thursday Night Football online, a war which they supposedly won.

The report puts the company in a dance with Verizon, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and more top online companies vying for the honor of showing the NFL’s latest primetime pet project.

thursday night football

Details of the deal aren’t yet known, but both sides stand to benefit greatly from it. Twitter becomes a go-to destination for not only watching one of America’s most popular products, but discussing it at that very same place where over 320 million active users currently reside. The NFL, meanwhile, expands its online presence without having to burden people with subscriptions to the NFL Network or DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket.

This is a bit of new ground for Twitter. The company has become seasoned in the world of advertising, but never have they been tapped to offer up premium programming from America’s most watched sport, or anything else for that matter. Hell, this is new ground for all of social media, platforms which were once thought to be little more than heyday fads.

The only thing Twitter and the NFL have to worry about is getting the execution right, and we’re sure they have enough intelligent minds in the meeting rooms to see to it that they don’t falter.

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