Samsung devices won’t stop exploding randomly this time affecting a Galaxy S7


Samsung is being run amuck when it comes to owners of the Galaxy Note 7 and all of the exploding situation that continue to occur. However, the Galaxy Note 7 may not be the only device being the cause of a few explosions over the last week or so. On Sunday, we saw a report that a man’s Galaxy S7 Edge caught fire in his pocket, and now a woman in the UK had her Galaxy S7 catch fire and explode in a restaurant.


Image courtesy of The Sun UK

According to the report, the woman was at a restaurant with her family when the device “suddenly expanded and got really, really, hot”. At this point, the woman dropped the phone onto the table where it then exploded.

The entire saga was caught on CCTV and was sent to Samsung for review by the manufacturer. There haven’t been nearly as many incidents regarding the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but if these issues continue to crop up, then Samsung may have another huge debacle on its hands.

Samsung is currently investigating the incident but suggests that there may have been an issue with an unauthorized charger being using. This would cause the battery to be damaged, which could lead to the random expanding and explosion that was experienced.

[The Sun UK]


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