It turns out that the Samsung phone that exploded in a 6-year-old’s hands was a Galaxy Core


Over the weekend, there were reports that a 6-year-old in Brooklyn was playing around with his family’s Galaxy Note 7 when the device exploded in his hands. The boy was treated for the burns and released from the hospital, but this appeared to be another black eye for Samsung. However, NBC New York is now reporting that the device was not the Galaxy Note 7, but was actually the Galaxy Core.


The device was released in 2014 and does not have a history of battery issues, so it’s not yet known what caused the Samsung Galaxy Core to spontaneously explode. The explosion caused the room to fill with smoke and the fire alarm to go off in the family’s home.

Regardless of the incident, Samsung has reached out to the family but has refused further comment as it continues its investigation. Since the Galaxy Core uses a removable lithium-ion battery and is 2 years old, it’s possible that the battery being used was not the official one provided by Samsung as replacement batteries can be bought just about everywhere.

Even though this incident did not involve the Galaxy Note 7, it’s just another incident that has arisen over the last few days. Earlier, we saw a woman’s Galaxy S7 explode, and a man’s Galaxy S7 Edge burn a hole through his pocket while working at a bookstore.

It seems that these incidents are arising more frequently after the Galaxy Note 7’s recall, so it would be interesting to see how many incidents went unreported beforehand.


Samsung devices won’t stop exploding randomly this time affecting a Galaxy S7

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