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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a great device that has been marred by an unfortunate hardware defect. Once you return your explodey Note 7 for a safe model, you’ll want to deck it out with great accessories. How do you separate the quality accessories from the cheap crap? That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a handy list of all the best accessories for the Note 7.

Best Note 7 Cases

Incipio NGP Advanced


The NGP Advanced doesn’t look like a rugged case, but Incipio calls it a “rugged polymer” case. It’s built to withstand tough drops, but slim enough to fit in your pocket with ease. It’s a flexible case with a grippy texture on the back and thick bumpers around the sides. The NGP comes in four colors. [Buy from Amazon]

VRS Design Simpli Lite

simpli lite note 7

The Simpli Lite is a super lightweight case with a kickstand built in. Usually, cases with kickstands are thick and bulky, but not the Simpli Fit. It only adds 0.8mm of thickness to your Note 7 while still allowing you to prop it up and enjoy the big display. The Simpli fit is made from hard plastic with a brushed metal texture. It comes in five colors. [Buy from VRS Design]

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Best Note 7 Chargers

Samsung Wireless Charging Stand

Galaxy-Note-7 (3)

Samsung’s official wireless charger for the Note 7 features fast charging and a stand to prop up the phone. Fast wireless charging technology is nearly as fast as fast wired charging. It has a built-in light to tell you when the phone is misaligned and when it’s fully charged. [Buy from Amazon]

CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charing Pad


If Samsung or Incipio’s charging pads are too expensive for you, CHOETECH has one for less than $20. This thin and lightweight charging pad offers the same adaptive fast charging as the official Samsung pad. You’ll see a green LED when charging, which indicates fast wireless charging is in use. [Buy from Amazon]

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Best Note 7 Accessories

Screen Protectors

Galaxy-Note-7-review (19)

One of the “improvements” Samsung made with the Galaxy Note 7 is Gorilla Glass 5.0 on the front and back. Gorilla Glass 5.0 is tougher against dings and drops, but unfortunately, it scratches very easily. Even sand in your pocket can scratch the display. You should use one of these screen protectors.



dbrand is one of the oldest manufacturers of smartphone skins. They use high-quality materials and offer an unrivaled level of precision. For the Galaxy Note 7, there are over 20 colors/materials to choose from, and you can cover the front, back, and camera if you so choose. [Buy from dbrand]

Car Mounts


Magnetic car mounts are the way to go if you want something super easy. Spigen’s mount comes with a thin metal case that sticks on the back of your phone and can be hidden under a case. The mount connects to the air vents in your car. Simply put your phone up against the mount and the magnet will hold it in place. [Buy from Amazon]


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge lens cover DSC01537

The Samsung Lens Cover is the perfect accessory for photo buffs. It’s a silicone case with a threaded socket over the Note 7’s camera. You can screw in one of two different camera lenses to get a close-up or a much wider shot than the phone’s built-in lens. The Lens Cover is pretty pricey, but you can get amazing shots with it. [Buy from Amazon]

Headphones & Speakers


There’s been a lot of talk about ditching the “old fashioned” 3.5mm headphone jack, but the Note 7 still has one (thankfully). We always recommend the the Brainwavz Delta. They’re great for all kinds of music and podcasts, come with three sizes of foam tips to match your ear size, include a mic for taking phone calls, and you can usually get them for around $20. [Buy from Amazon]

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MicroSD Cards

Galaxy-Note-7 (19)

Samsung removed the SD card in last year’s Note, but this year it has made a triumphant return. So why should you use an SD card? An SD card is an easy way to expand the storage of your device. If you find that you run out of space quickly, or you don’t want to rely on cloud storage, an SD card is the way to go. Here are a few SD cards that work with the Note 7.

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Galaxy-Note-7 (20)

There are a lot more accessories for the Note 7 out there. One of the best places to find accessories is the Note 7 forum over at Users like you are sharing their thoughts on cases, chargers, and many more accessories. It’s also a great place to go to find more information about the phone itself. Here are a few threads to check out.

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