LG is not planning to offer the LG V20 in Europe at launch


Last night LG unveiled the LG V20, the device it hopes to help the company back on its feet after the questionable launch of the LG G5. Although LG unveiled the device, the company did not announce any pricing for the V20, while mentioning that it would launch in South Korea starting later this month. Other regions and countries will see the V20 released at a later time, but it seems that Europe will be left out of the mix.

LG V20

Last year, the LG V10 eventually made its way to the European market but was not available until a few months later. According to a post on Reddit, a user reached out to the PR department for LG Belgium and was informed the company would not be bringing the V20 to Europe.

This is a questionable call as Europe is a rather large market to not bring a device to. We’ll have to see if LG changes its course in the future but, for now, it seems that those wanting to get the V20 will have to import from the United States.



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