Why you should choose your USB Type-C chargers wisely [VIDEO]


When you use the wrong charger to charge your device, bad things can happen, like your phone exploding. That’s a worst case scenario, but even if that nightmare doesn’t play out, using the wrong charger can cause damage to both your devices and chargers. This problem is fairly common with USB-C chargers due to the non-compliance of manufacturers and the issue is magnified when coupled with proprietary technology such as the fast charging solutions brought by Qualcomm and Samsung.

The above video by Nathan K. demonstrates and explains the problem in great detail. We often use technology and simply expect it to work, but it’s both interesting and helpful to know how it works, especially when expensive equipment is involved.

Although he declined to comment on this topic’s relation to the current Samsung Galaxy Note 7 problems, we’re curious to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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