Aug 29th, 2016

Anker is usually a highly trusted source for cabling and charging equipment, so many have been just fine with getting their USB-C cables from them without worry of an incident. But it appears one of the company’s PowerLine cable — the A8185011 model, to be specific — was found to be unsafe by Benson Leung.

If you’re unaware, Benson Leung is a Googler who has been testing various USB-C cables to ensure they’re properly built to spec. If they aren’t, the cables could potentially damage your phone’s charging port (due to overheating) and render it useless. You can find all of Benson’s reviews on Amazon right here.

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Thankfully, Anker didn’t take long (just 5 days) to confirm the issue, with the company coming forward to offer a recall service for those who have bought the USB-C cable and are in need of a replacement. The company is not only offering a full refund on the cable, but they’ll also be offering you a free cable once they’ve fixed the issue (if you’re not scared away by then, that is).

But you shouldn’t be scared away. Anker has an otherwise solid track record, and the way they handled this one-off incident should be enough to show you that they’re committed to delivering quality above all else. Look for an email from the company regarding the recall if you happened to buy one.

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