Samsung confirmed to bring Action Memo to the Galaxy Note 7 next month


One of the best features of the Galaxy Note lineup devices is the integration of Action Memo with the included stylus. However, when Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7, Action Memo was nowhere to be found. Instead, Samsung introduced a new Notes application which supposedly made it easier to quickly jot reminders and notes down, but that wasn’t enough.

Action Memo Play Store

Image courtesy of SamMobile

Last week, a rumor surfaced that Samsung was planning to bring Action Memo to the Note 7, but there was no confirmation from Samsung. Luckily, thanks to Samsung’s commitment to reply to reviews on the Play Store, we now know Action Memo is coming. Action Memo will be adding support for the Galaxy Note 7 sometime in September when the application is updated to version 1.2. Until then, we’ll have to wait and if you want it today, check out the video below to get the app working now on your Note 7.

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