Action Memo is reportedly coming to the Galaxy Note 7 next month, did you even miss it?



Action Memo was one of the more handy S Pen features that’s been around since Notes like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The feature let users quickly write out notes by pulling up a memo pad and then, depending on what was written down (email addresses, phone numbers, web addresses), you could tap on the action button to trigger the appropriate action. This would allows users to quickly place a phone call, or jump to a specific website just by scribbling down on their S Pen. Pretty damn convenient, we’d say.

For those who’ve recently purchased the fresh-off-the-streets Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you may have noticed that, for whatever reason, this feature strangely didn’t make the cut. Don’t worry, it’s coming. The feature is reportedly going to make a return in a future software update due out before the end of September. A specific date wasn’t given, but if you’ve grown accustomed to this feature thanks to previous Notes, just know — it’s coming soon.

If you need this feature now, someone has found a workaround…

[via AndroidandMe]

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