Is Google already working on Android O(reo)? This app developer seems to think so


There’s so much stuff going on with Android Nougat, it’s enough to make your head spin. Now it seems the first rumblings of Android O are getting the spotlight.

An app developer on Reddit, shared the current amount of installs for their app as of August 21st and showed that 115 users were running Android 7.1, and 4 users were running Android O. Obviously, neither of these versions have been announced or teased yet, but this is just another clue as to what Google is working on.

Android Install results

The fun doesn’t stop there as another Reddit user, claiming to work for XDA, showed that they have had users on Android 7.1 visiting their website. As for when Android 7.1 is expected? Who knows. Google could opt to use the first of the upcoming Scheduled Maintenance Releases as the base for Android 7.1 Nougat, or there’s a possibility that Android 7.1 is the designated software release for the 2016 Nexus devices.

Since we still have yet to see Google Assistant, Allo, the Nexus Launcher or the rumored redesigned on-screen buttons, Android 7.1 Nougat would be a perfect springboard to bring everything together at one time. There is a little doubt for the release of Allo, as it would make sense for Google to release it sooner rather than later, but this is just speculation.

Google, you get us every time and keep us wondering what’s going on. But for the love of Duarte, please release the fun stuff sooner rather than later. Please?

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