How to calculate IVs using Pokémon Go’s new appraisals feature


Yesterday, reports of Pokemon Go’s slow decline in usage had some spelling doom for the hit mobile game. While there were multiple factors to consider, developer Niantic responded in the best way possible: by introducing a new feature in their latest update.

Hitting both Android and iOS late last night as version 0.35.0, you may have missed it, but the update introduces a new feature that sort of addresses 3rd party software everyone has been using to reveal hidden IVs — you know, the kinda software that Niantic said would get you banned.

The new feature allows you to “appraise” Pokemon in your bag, with your gym leader giving you clues to its stats by telling you how good it is overall (it’s IV percentage), followed by it’s highest stat. The new option can be found when viewing a Pokemon and pressing the menu button, nestled right in between the favorite and transfer options.

This new appraisal feature more closely resembles how it worked in the Nintendo DS titles and although it doesn’t sound like much, once you figure out which phrases pertain to each IV percentage range, you’ll have a much better idea of whether or not you should transfer those Pokemon. Here’s a quick cheat sheet you can use to figure out what the hell your Gym leader is trying to say:

Pokemon GO Appraisal Cheat Sheet

So it seems Niantic really is listening and when when they’re not responding to to emails with the “r,” they really are working hard to add new features and keep the Pokemon Go community happy. Well, for the most part. Managing 47 million users worldwide is no easy task and it’s impossible to keep everyone pacified.

Other recent changes include the changing of primary attacks for a handful of Pokemon, including the nerfing of Gyarados by removing its Dragon’s Breath attack. Needless to say, that one isn’t going over too well with folks, although any Gyarados already in possession of that move set will be allowed to keep it (so hang onto it!).

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