Incognito mode in Google Allo has Snapchat-like disappearing messages


Incognito Mode for Allo was one of the features Google showed off at IO earlier this summer. This mode allows you to have encrypted conversations with private notifications and expiring messages. That last feature may remind you of a little app called Snapchat. We’re getting a little more information about how this feature will work in Allo.

In the top corner of Incognito conversations, you’ll see a timer icon. The timer can be set anywhere from 5 seconds all the way to 1 week. All participants of the conversation can change the timer, but it doesn’t effect old messages. Something sent with a timer of 1 day will remain visible for 1 day even if the timer is changed to 10 seconds. It’s also impossible to take screenshots of Incognito conversations, which adds another layer of security.


Allo is shaping up to be a powerful messaging app. At launch, it will be tied to just your phone number, like Duo. Eventually, Google will add the ability to sign in to your Google account as well. Hopefully, the phone number sign-up will make more people adopt the new messenger. Duo has received a warm welcome due to the simple sign-up process. Widespread adoption is the only thing that will make these apps worthwhile.

[via AndroidPolice]

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