Aug 19th, 2016

Leave it up to the carriers (well, the non-US ones, anyway) to spill the beans on Android 7.0 Nougat’s arrival. Yesterday, Telus in Canada updated their software upgrade page to show an August 22nd rollout date for the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. We had no reason to doubt the carrier considering they likely have close relationships with LG, Huawei, and Google (and because the carrier was the first to dish out an accurate date for Marshmallow’s initial rollout last year).

Android Nougat

Well, if you needed something to back their word up anyway, Optus over in Australia has a similar release window being shown on their update timeline page. Granted, the company is only giving us a “late August” estimation, and they only have information on the Nexus 6P, but we’ve heard from enough reputable carriers to think the goods will arrive before we hit September.

Of course, exact dates and plans could change at any time and we aren’t going to hold it against anyone if that window comes and goes without a rollout, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be mightily disappointed all the same.


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