According to a Google employee, Duo will feature audio calls “soon”


Earlier this week, Google released its much anticipated video-calling application, Duo. The app went live to just about all countries and has generally seen good reviews so far. However, there are some folks that want to be able to use voice-only calls with Duo and that feature may be coming soon.

Amit Fulay, a Google employee, replied to a few responses on Google+ that were asking about audio-only calling and states that the feature is “coming soon”. Of course, coming soon can mean just about anything, so we could see it as early as a few weeks, or it could be here sometime next year.

Additionally, a few commenters on the post made a good point to mention that with Hangouts being turned into more of a business-centric service, Duo could fill the void left. This just goes to show that Google is taking what was available in one application, and splitting it into two with Duo being used for voice and audio calls, and Allo seemingly being turned into a new messaging platform. Then again, Google could be lost and not really have an idea of how to tackle the communication platform for the end-user.

Download on Google Play: Google Duo

[via Google+]


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