We may be in store for a new Pixel C in the near future


We are nearing an exciting time for fans of Android and the Nexus program as a whole. We saw an update schedule that suggested that Android Nougat will be released next week, and we’ve seen more leaks in regards to the 2016 Nexus smartphones than we know what to do with. It seems that we may be in store for more than just new Nexus smartphones if this screenshot has anything to say about it.

Pixel C apps section

Image courtesy of Reddit

A few users on /r/Android have found a section on the main page of the Play Store which suggest “Apps for the New Pixel C.” Google released the original Pixel C back in December of last year, which has been met with mixed reviews, but will supposedly be much better once Android Nougat is released, full with its multi-window support.

This is the first murmur of anything regarding a new Pixel C, but it won’t be surprising as the current one is reaching the end of a yearly cycle. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled and ears to the ground, but let us know in the comments if you have found this same section on the main page of the Play Store.

[via Reddit]


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