The Nexus Marlin/Sailfish design has more in common with the HTC Desire 10 Pro than the HTC 10


Ever since the first Nexus Marlin and Nexus Sailfish rumors started flying, we’ve heard that the design of the phones would share some design DNA with the HTC 10. Early images of HTC’s 2016 Nexus devices have shown that their designs do resemble the HTC 10 in a few areas, the phones actually show a closer resemblance to the leaked images of the upcoming HTC Desire 10 Pro.

Below are a few of the design similarities shared between the Nexus phones and the HTC Desire 10 Pro

  • The speaker grills above the displays share the same size, shape and placement.
  • The proximity sensors are the same shape. While they are centrally located on the Nexus and Desire phones, it is located above the speaker grill on Desire 10 Pro and below the speaker grill on the Nexus phones.
  • The front-facing cameras are located in the same position, aligned with the speaker grill
  • The displays on the Nexus Marlin and HTC Desire 10 Pro are expected to be 5.5-inches
  • The 3.5mm headphone jacks are off-center, placed between the speaker grill and front-facing camera
  • The fingerprint sensors a located on the back of the phones, with roughly the same alignment from the top
  • The rear camera and flash arrangements are different, but they are located in the top right corner

In other words, slap a glass panel on the back of the HTC Desire 10 Pro, scrub off the HTC logo and remove the capacitive button markings from below its display and the phone could easily pass as a glitzier Nexus Marlin or Sailfish. There’s no indication that the HTC Desire 10 Pro will share the same internal specifications with the 2016 Nexus devices (yet), so the similarities between the phones may purely be aesthetic.

What’s your take on the HTC Desire 10 Pro’s design? Is it worthy enough to be used as the blueprint for the 2016 Nexus devices?




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