May 18th, 2016

Meet Duo, Allo’s little brother. Duo is a super simple video calling app that lets you and your loved ones talk to each other. It doesn’t sound extraordinary at first, but it does have a really cool feature named Knock Knock that could make video calling a lot less awkward.

duo video call (1)

Simply put, Knock Knock gives you a view of who’s calling before you pick up. And we’re not just talking about a picture: you’ll get a full real-time video stream of who it is, and you can decide to answer the call or decline it.

Google’s idea here is that if you can see exactly who’s calling and get an idea of why they’re calling, you’ll be more likely to accept the call and chat away instead of feeling anxious or afraid. It’s a simple thought, but a very powerful one that could make video calling less taboo for the folks who still haven’t gotten used to it.

Beyond that, Duo is 1-on-1 video calling. It’s not meant to get a big group of friends onto the same screen or do anything more than let you and the person you want to talk to connect in a very simple way.

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