6 apps to establish total dominance this Fantasy Football season



With the pre-season just getting under way, that means that there will be fantasy football drafts galore in the coming weeks leading up to the start of the regular season. You’ll want to be absolutely prepared to have the best draft possible, as well as be able to keep tabs on the players you’ve drafted. You don’t want to be the guy or girl who’s the laughing stock of the draft after you try to select Leon Sandcastle in the 2nd round.


theScore is my favorite general-purpose sports application. When it comes to sports, I love reading and hearing about everything and anything and theScore does it wonderfully. The app is constantly filled with reliable and useful news content, as well as a few tools to help you through the fantasy football season.

The app allows you to follow specific teams and players, along with custom notifications for when the news strikes. theScore also will provide in-depth coverage on any of the topics that you have set for yourself.

Download on Google Play: theScore Sports Scores & News

Any Reddit App

Reddit is absolutely a great source for just about any type of information that you’ll be seeking. We don’t recommend a specific app, but as long as you’re a Reddit member, you can pick your favorite app and follow specific sub-reddits to keep track of the action.

The Fantasy Football sub-reddit is aimed at, you guessed it, Fantasy Football. From weekly suggestions to questions about the status of various players, you’ll find a load of information hidden between the sidelines. For general NFL news, the NFL sub-reddit is a good place to be. This isn’t updated with as much Fantasy driven content, but will still be useful in your quest.

Check out Phandroid’s favorite Reddit apps

Fantasy Draft Dominator 2016

Fantasy Draft Dominator may be the most comprehensive fantasy football draft assistant on the Play Store. From being able to keep track of who’s drafted where to running mock drafts within the app, you’ll be hard pressed to find more information packed in one location.

There is even a section that provides you the latest news regardless of which team or player, making sure that you’re never out of the know when it comes to the fantasy football spectrum. This app does more to help you prepare for the draft, as well as be a great tool for draft day but once that’s completed, there’s not much use for it.

Download on Google Play: Fantasy Draft Dominator 2016


Even though I made the move to theScore for all of my sports news, I generally keep ESPN installed due to the timely notifications. With the best in the biz, Adam Schefter working at ESPN, breaking news notifications will arrive quicker with the ESPN app than just about anywhere else.

Download on Google Play: ESPN

ESPN Fantasy Football

As someone who has been playing fantasy football since he was in middle school, ESPN is my preferred host for fantasy leagues. With ESPN Insider access and in-depth coverage on all things football, ESPN does a great job at providing me what I need, when I need it.

The accompanying fantasy football does all that and more, as you can set up mock drafts, or join live mock drafts to get a feel for methods that other real people will be using. Once your real draft is completed, ESPN kindly reminds you to set your lineups a few times a week to make sure that your current Quarterback isn’t on a bye week.

Just last week, ESPN rolled out a brand new update that brings a fresh look to the app, along with combining all the different fantasy sport options in one action-packed location. The update is aesthetically pleasing and will help keep your team on track to win it all.

Download on Google Play: ESPN Fantasy Football

Draft Punk

Draft Punk is an app that I started using last season, and helped me tremendously as I prepared for my various Fantasy Football drafts. The app allows you to run mock drafts, as well as organize player rankings based on the scoring rules of your leagues.

You can also use Draft Punk to sort your pre-rankings which will help guide you through the draft and help build your team from the ground up. Once draft day arrives, you can use Draft Punk to keep track of the entire draft so that your friends won’t have to worry about writing everything down throughout the rounds.

Download on Google Play: Draft Punk

We can’t guarantee that you’ll run away with the championship belt for this upcoming season, but these apps will definitely help in the quest. Be sure to drop us a line and let us know what your favorite NFL team is and whether you’ll be participating in this season’s fantasy festivities.


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