FCC confirms that 2 HTC Nexus phones are on the way


The FCC is the bearer of some very interesting news today. Two “mystery” devices from HTC have been approved at the regulatory office, which means the company has some new products on the way.

But what could they be? Normally we’d be in the dark, but this particular document makes it really clear what they’re going to be:

nexus fcc letter

This letter makes it pretty obvious what kinds of phones these are!

They’re Nexus phones! They’re walking around with model numbers of G-2PW4100 and G-2PW2100, which is an indication that they’re part of the same family. We’re not sure which numbers belong to which specific phone, the Nexus Sailfish and Nexus Marlin (one of which we got our first real look at this week), but we suppose it doesn’t really matter right now.

What matters is that they’re approved for use in North America, and that means HTC and Google are getting closer to final products. The filings also seem to confirm murmurings that the devices will be compatible with all carriers as they have the necessary LTE radios for use with pretty much everyone. Then again, we were already expecting that.

We’re still combing through the FCC documents to see what’s inside and we’ll update this post if we find anything interesting or out of the ordinary, so be sure to check back a bit later on just in case.

[via FCC 1, 2]

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