FYI, T-Mobile is no longer selling the HTC 10 so you’ll have to JUMP to something else


The HTC 10 is one of the better Android smartphones available today (you can read our full review here). But despite favorable reviews from most outlets, it seems HTC may have fallen victim to the usual Samsung media blitz with the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge reportedly selling in record numbers. Guess there can only be one king of Android.

For those keeping count, T-Mobile only offered the HTC 10 for a solid 2 months (May through July), before finally calling it quits, but we’re only just now discovering this news despite being well into August. Whether this was because of lackluster sales numbers or some contract HTC originally had with the carrier is unclear. But for those hoping to JUMP soon to the HTC 10 will probably want to know this is no longer possible with the original listing now completely removed (but conveniently tells you to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 7) and the phone reportedly no longer being offered in-store.

You still have other options, like buying the 10 directly from HTC’s website, where it’s currently priced at $700. The phone is still compatible with T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling and VoLTE network and comes with free JBL Refect Aware C ($199 value) noise cancelling earbuds, and $100 you can use towards accessories on HTC.com. You’ll just have to pony up all the money up front, or choose from one of HTC’s financing options. In either case, it’s still a fantastic smartphone and one of the best in its size category. Just thought you should know.

[HTC | via Reddit | AndroidPolice]

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