This guy caught all 145 of the Pokemon available in Pokemon GO


He can’t quite catch them all, but Nick Johnson, a Pokemon GO player rooted in New York, can say he caught all “available” Pokemon in the game. Johnson went on a bit of a crazy spree with Pokemon catching in his home turf, with the man adding 142 unique Pokemon (5,000 caught in total) to his belt buckle within the first 2 weeks of the game’s launch.


Johnson then had to travel to other regions for region-specific catches, with his last stop being Kangaskhan in Sydney, Australia. His international travel bill was picked up by Expedia who sponsored his endeavour after his story of becoming the first US Pokemon GO Master caught wildfire.

Of course, if you’ve read our list of the most rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO and seen all 151 Pokemon available, then you know he doesn’t actually have them “all.” It’s not his fault, though, as Niantic has yet to release these mythical and legendary critters into the wild (save for one accidental mishap).

Even if and when he manages to get all 151 Pokemon, Nick says he won’t quit playing the game as he’s eager to learn about new features and improvements being added (such as those that were received in a recent update).

[via VentureBeat]

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