Niantic is testing a new Pokémon GO tracker that shows exact location of nearby Pokémon


The nearby tracker has been Pokémon GO’s most polarizing feature. Even when the tracker was working correctly in the first couple of weeks, it wasn’t an exact science. Finding Pokemon was like playing the “Hot or Cold” game. The tracker was eventually neutered when Niantic removed the step-tracking. The latest update removed “Nearby” in favor of “Sightings,” but a new tracker is on the horizon.

Some Pokemon GO players have been given the opportunity to test a brand new tracking system. The new tracker is divided into two sections: Nearby and Sightings. The Nearby section shows the Pokemon you will find at nearby Pokestops. If you tap on one, you will see an overhead view of the Pokestop in relation to your location. Go to the Pokestop and you’ll find the listed Pokemon. Guaranteed.

The Sightings section shows the Pokemon nearby that aren’t at Pokestops. It’s similar to the original tracking system, but you don’t know how far away they are. Tapping these Pokemon does nothing. This is a major improvement to the tracking system. Finding Pokemon is probably the best part of the game, and this new system should make it a lot more fun. That was the beauty of the 3rd-party trackers. You still had to get off your butt to catch the Pokemon, but at least you knew it would be worthwhile.

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