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Hulu is one of the most prominent streaming TV services which offers a free component. Well, they did offer a free component — no longer. The company has announced that they’re shuttering the doors to the free version of their website, which means you’ll want to pay a minimum of $7.99 if you want to keep going.

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Hulu’s free component wasn’t quite as robust as the paid offerings, with delayed releases and a short list of content compared to those who coughed up the cash. Still, it was nice for those who’d rather not pay.

Thankfully, not all is lost. Yahoo is picking up the responsibility of offering some of Hulu’s old free content, including the 5 most recent episodes of select shows from ABC, NBC and Fox (8 days after they aired on TV), as well as additional content like anime.

Those looking to stay on the free ride can park it at Yahoo View, but if their proposition isn’t compelling enough for you then consider paying Hulu (you can try it free for one week) to reward them for years of hard work.

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