Google Now on Tap will now show your Google Now cards when there is nothing to show


Ever hit the Google Now on Tap button on a screen hoping to get some information, and you find out that Google simply has nothing to show you? Well, instead of the world’s most depressing screen, the app will now show you your standard Google Now cards.

As seen in the screenshots above, Googe will bring up several quick shortcuts to do things like creating alarms, events, timers, and reminders. Beneath that is a quick access bar to several Google Maps categories for finding gas stations, cafes, bars, restaurants, ATMs, and shopping areas. Beneath all that are your Google Now cards (which will obviously differ for each person based on their interests and upcoming events).

This feature alongside the ability to select the exact text you want Google Now on Tap to look for go a very long way toward making it more of a useful tool than a novelty. The changes are live in the beta version of the Google app on Google Play, so be sure to get yourself updated ASAP.

Quentyn Kennemer
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