Google is testing an option that lets you change Google Now on Tap’s search queries


Google Now on Tap is cool, but it’s flakey. You hold down that glorious home button and get greeted with a number of Google Search cards which may be helpful to you based on what you’re currently viewing, but sometimes those search results are about as irrelevant as can be.

The raunchiness of the search result is not lost on us

Well, a new feature may change that as several people are being greeted with a new option in the app. A new button will allow you to highlight any text you want on the screen, so if Google Now on Tap didn’t pull up the search results you were expecting you can kind of drill it down to whatever it is you’re looking for.

Of course, at that point it becomes a glorified Google Search result, but it seems like a nice quality-of-life feature that should eliminate even more headache from the user experience. Unfortunately, it seems Google is going the A/B testing route with this one, as the feature seems to only be enabled with a server-side switch. Not everyone may see it in their apps, but let us know if you are.

[via Reddit]

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