Google is shutting down Android Wear’s Together watch face on Sept 30th


A new version of the Android Wear app is notifying users that the (popular?) Together watch face will officially be shutting down on Sept 30th. The feature arrived in the big Android Wear 1.3 update that introduced interactive watch faces and allowed users to send doodles, emoji, pictures and updates directly to another Android Wear user. It was a fun way to communicate with users and a direct answer to the Apple Watch which allowed you to send doodles and even your heartbeat to other users.

According to the newly updated Android Wear app (version, it’s because much of this functionality will be come with the major Android Wear 2.0 update coming later this year, that they felt it was now obsolete. Whether or not Google plans on pushing out Android Wear 2.0 — which doesn’t have an official release date — around then, remains to be seen.

It’s also worth noting that not all current Android Wear devices will be receiving the Android Wear 2.0 update, leaving them out in the cold when it comes to sending doodles straight from their smartwatch.

Download on Google Play: Android Wear

[via Android Police]

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