Facebook is also testing Snapchat-like filters for photos and video



A few days ago, Facebook-owned Instagram finally jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon with Stories, a feature nearly almost identical to its rival. It seems Facebook proper is now looking to get their feet wet with a feature that’s giving us some definite Snapchat vibes.

The new experimental feature is currently being tested in Canada and introduces filters for both selfies and live videos. Themed around the 2016 Olympic Games, most of them appear to be banners and borders, but some are actually face-tracking masks, not too different from those found on Snapchat.

Facebook Snapchat first time tutorial

Upon opening the app, Facebook urges users to utilize their new “creative photo effects” and share their excitement about the Olympic Games. There’s no self-destructing photos or any 24 hour stories to post to, but it’s worth noting that it’s still experimental and could look different when it launches globally or arrives stateside.

With Facebook look to become a more “video centric” social network, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of tools they use to nudge creators into uploading new content.


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