BlackBerry Hub+ can now be used by any Android Marshmallow device


One of the big things BlackBerry has going for itself is the BlackBerry Hub+. It’s a communication suite that organizes all your email, social communications, calendar appointments, messages, and even secure information like passwords into one central location.

Many-a PRIV or BlackBerry 10 owner would consider it a godsend, but now you don’t have to be a BlackBerry owner to get that same experience. BlackBerry has announced the extension of BlackBerry Hub+ to all Android users, so long as they’re on Marshmallow.

blackberry hub

BlackBerry Hub+ lets you choose what you want to organize inside it through mini extension applications. You can downoad the whole thing in one fell swoop if you want, and BlackBerry has made it easy to do that. They explain the process as follows:

The easiest way to try out BlackBerry Hub+ is to go to the Google Play Store on your smartphone and search forBlackBerry Hub+, and then download the BlackBerry Hub+ Services app onto your phone. Then click the Hub+ Services app icon on your home screen and tap “Apps by BlackBerry” to install the entire suite of applications or select a few of your favorites. It may take some time for the trial app to show up on Google Play today; hold tight, as you should be able to see and download it within a few hours.

And bingo: you’re in. BlackBerry Hub+ isn’t totally free. You’ll get a free 30-day trial to start, after which you’ll be asked to either live with ads or pay $.99 per month for access. That’s not an unreasonable deal if you decide that Hub+ is the very thing that can help you keep your mobile life organized.

BlackBerry says they’re always improving it, too, with one of the confirmed changes down the line being the addition of Android 5.1 Lollipop support. Be sure to give it a try today if you’re on Marshmallow.

[via BlackBerry]

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