11-minute video gives us an extensive look at a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prototype


We’ve seen a ton of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 already, but nothing delivered quite as much as this 11-minute video did. The device in question — which appears to be an early prototype devoid of a curved display — is largely as you’d expect for a contemporary smartphone.

But the 4:30 mark is very interesting. It appears to be a testing portion for the iris scanner. Unlocking the device seems to bring up a user interface that shows a cartoon character who is directing the user to unlock the phone using their eye. The video shows the character for a split second as the phone seemingly unlocks in an instant. If that’s the sort of speed we’re to expect from the device’s supposed iris scanner then color us impressed.

Alongside that, we also get a leak of the device being compared to 4 different Galaxy S7 Edge variants from different countries.

note 7 s7 edge comparison

The Note 7 is  on the far right.

There’s nothing surprising here: it looks like a 2016 Galaxy flagship, and it’s bigger than anything Samsung has on the market right now. With all these leaks pouring in and a new teaser video going up, it seems as if an announcement is right around the corner. (Oh wait, it is.)

[via GSMArena, Android Authority]

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