BlackBerry will give everyone more info on new devices sometime in July


Yesterday, BlackBerry released its revenue reports for Q1 and the results were not surprising in the least. Although the company has been licensing software to help earn some money, the company still lost $670 million.

BlackBerry sold 500,000 devices, which has continued the downward trend of mobile phone sales over the last couple of years. The BlackBerry Priv, which was intended to help save the company from complete disaster, did exactly the opposite. So in a way to approach the market in a different manner, BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed there would be two mid-range devices released in 2016.

During a conference call following the revenue reports, Chen was asked about a status regarding the release of these devices, but declined to give much of an update.

I’m not really prepared to unveil that. I guess, I was thinking about doing that more July timeframe.

So we’ll have to keep waiting to see what BlackBerry has planned for its next Android devices. Other than the fact that they will not be flagship devices, the only other information known regarding these devices is that one will feature the iconic BlackBerry keyboard, while the other one will be just a traditional touchscreen smartphone.

We’ll have to wait and see what BlackBerry has up its sleeve, but it may be getting close to shutting the doors on its mobile phone manufacturing department. Sales are declining so rapidly that the company can’t logically sustain this business model, and may pivot to focusing on software updates and licensing agreements.

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