Samsung’s standalone VR headset could be named Odyssey


Despite smartphones being an affordable way to experience VR, there is still a market for standalone headsets which can offer more advanced experiences. Even Samsung — one of the earliest proponents of mobile VR — has decided to go forward with their own standalone headset.

While that much was confirmed 3 months ago, we don’t yet have much information about what’s to come. We might have our first hint regarding its name, though, as Samsung has filed for the trademark “Odyssey” at the Korean trademark office.

samsung odyssey vr

The logo appears as both “Odyssey” and “Odyssey VR,” complete with a futuristic logo to let us know just how “in the times” Samsung would be with this thing. Of course, how “in the times” they are will depend on the headset itself, but since we have no clue that their plans are right now we’ll just have to trust that their history of innovation will shine through for their first attempt.

[via SamMobile]

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