Yelp will now show restaurants and businesses with PokéStops nearby


If you’re already looking for a nice place to grab some dinner for you and the Mrs, why not grab some Pokemon Go supplies while you’re at it? Joining the list of companies looking to capitalize on the recent Pokemon Go craze is Yelp who now has a filter in their app for searching restaurants and businesses with nearby PokeStops. Just open the app, tap on the filter button (right next to search), and scroll down to turn on the PokeStop Nearby filter when searching for whatever.

For those unaware, PokeStops are specific areas of interest located around cities that allow you to pick up in-game items like Poke Balls, potions, and eggs. These highly coveted PokeStops are exactly where you want to be when killing some time as they refresh every 5 minutes or so, allowing you to grab even more items and stock up.

So how does Yelp know there’s a PokeStop nearby? That’s where you come in. Every time someone checks into a location, the Yelp app will ask you for specific information including whether or not there is a Poke Stop nearby. While that doesn’t guarantee it will be accessible from where you’ll be sitting, you at least know you can hit up the stop when arriving and leaving your destination.

You can find the new PokeStop filter in Yelp right now for Android and iOS, but only in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Happy hunting!

Download on Google Play: Yelp

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